August 19, 2015

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We provide a way to the biggest live events, our unparalleled network of contacts ensures that our clients get what people think of in their dreams. We can make you walk on a red carpet, get VIP entry to some of worlds niche exhibition, sports events, VIP package for Formula One Grand Prix or front row luxury and glamour of the real fashion shows. We can help you in getting tickets of “Sold out events” and even get you to meet your favourite Music Artist or Sporting star.
GLC has become a global authority on the effective marketing of fine properties, providing insightful advisory support along with sensitivity and intelligence. We will guide you through the purchase process assisting you with all the necessary administrative requirements such as arranging notaries, seeking appropriate tax advice, sourcing finance, choosing insurance and adhering to all legal processes associated with the purchase.

Old and rare Products

We offer products in-game that can no longer be obtained. We specialize in dealing with a large selection of Hard-to-find and rare items. Either it is 100 years old wine, whiskey, gold coin or a stamp. GLC can help you in getting the same.

Fashion Shows

Want to buy tickets to the upcoming fashion shows? Or volunteer, work or show your designs? If so, you are at the right place. GLC provides a way to get in to worlds biggest fashion shows.

Red Carpet Walk

We can make you walk on a red carpet, help you in meeting up with your favourite star. We are just a call or mail away. write us you Contact us

Sold Out events

GLC provides a platform where you can get around the touts and get tickets to sold-out gigs or events. “sold out” is a phrase that no longer stands in your way to get into your favourite event. Anyone who's tried to buy tickets to a major event recently will know the feeling – you sit there hitting “refresh” (possibly on multiple browsers or devices) waiting for tickets to go on sale, then within seconds they're sold out. Then GLC comes in to picture and finds a way.

Available Entiques

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A True Masterpiece: The Antique Blasius & Sons Custom Carved Grand Piano
A True Masterpiece: The Antique Blasius & Sons Custom Carved Grand Piano
Model: 1888
by Blasius & Sons
This is the quite possibly the most ornately carved piano in the world. This instrument is a true “One of a Kind” Masterpiece built in 1888 by the prestigious Blasius & Sons Piano Company of Philadelphia. Blasius & Sons was known for building very high quality and very expensive pianos.This remarkable instrument is thought to have been commissioned by the wealthy French playwright and painter Eugène Morand in celebration of the birth of his son Paul Morand, the famous 20th Century French author (March 13, 1888 – July 24, 1976).

Château Pétrus is one of the most celebrated and distinguished wines in the world. It has one of finest terroirs in all of Bordeaux and although Pomerol still has no formal Bordeaux classification, over the past 60 years Château Pétrus has established itself as being equivalent to a Premier Grand Cru Classé (First Growth). This has made it a globally sought-after wine and a blue-chip collectable. With only 2,500 cases produced each vintage, this wine sells out immediately after it is released and it remains in consistent high demand.
  • Dark ruby garnet. Intense tobacco, cedar, berry and blackberry. Full-bodied, silky, firm and fresh. Long. A beauty.

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