May 16, 2019

Wed Me Big – The Italian Aura

We all have imagined our wedding day in the best way possible, ​the perfect lighting with white lilies and blue orchids and hydrangeas on every guest’s table.    
Wedding in all culture is one of the most auspicious days in a duo’s journey of togetherness, It’s a knot that binds a couple till eternity through thick and thin, and they vow to stand firm with each other and cross each hurdle together. It’s the celebration of growing old with someone, and we all have big innovative ideas to make it worthwhile. Some of us have planned to add drama to our costumes and decor, and some of us like to keep it opulent and decent.    
Every detail on your essential day matters and so does the location, it is integral to choose a destination which enhances your beautiful day into a memorable one, We would love to propose.

Wedding at Villa del Balbianello, Lake Como, Italy

Ideally located in the extreme north of Italy, 45 minutes from Malpensa international airport and Milan.  
Over the centuries, the outstanding area’s natural beauty has been enhanced by the numerous, magnificent estates and botanical gardens that emperors, aristocrats and wealthy families have built along the lake’s coast. Today, thanks to the unusual collection of utterly chic venues, the lake is among the most sought after settings for exclusive destination weddings and side events, for all sorts of entertainments – from a locally produced wine and cheese tasting to a sunset cruise with onboard dinner, to a dance the night away at beach bbq party.  


Villa del Balbianello

Perched on the edge of a wooded peninsula jutting out over the Lake Como, this is arguably the most spectacular venue you can possibly find on Lake Como; built back in the XVIII century, the villa is still meticulously preserved according to its original vocation, as part of the estate hosts a museum displaying maps, travel tools, books, furniture items belonging to the previous owners.
The park displays trees pruned into unusual shapes, romantic views, avenues lined with statues, panoramic terraces and abundant blooms surrounding an ascending path leading to the 18th century Loggia Durini, which crowns the whole Balbianello complex and offers the visitors two different panoramas of the lake.    
“Lake Como, one of the most dramatic scenic beauty in northern Italy gets a lot of tourists attraction every year. Recently, this beautiful location has caught the eyes of many couples after famous Bollywood actors Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone got married here”. 

Look at this breathtaking view and imagine having your big-day planned here. Can you visualise it? Doesn’t it looks alluring, it’s like the sight has cast a spell over us and we are all about it now. 
For years royals, Aristocrats and other rich Italian have taken a benefit of this safe haven with unparalleled beauty, it’s time to hand over the opportunity to the rest of the world and let them have a fantastic event around the Como lake, and Global Luxury consultancy will make it happen for you. 
We would love the idea of hosting your wedding underwater, but we certainly have a better beautiful location where there are less hassle and more beauty. As we mentioned above about the Villa where you can host your wedding seems like a great place to tie knots at. We at Global Luxury Consultancy will give our best efforts to re-create your own fairytale or as we like to call it “Another Cinderella story in Italy”. Hosting a wedding is a big affair and having it at the right place is the biggest, Villa del Balbianello if the perfect destination for the affluent families to host weddings. 
Have a look at this Villa which looks more like a castle:

Isn’t it mesmerising to have your family & guests experience the best wedding and you to cherish this moment for life. Giving a massive round of applause to the scenic beauty and the old Italian architecture the photos you’ll be getting here will leave you spellbound, it will definitely up your Instagram game, and your wedding will be the talk of the town.

Moving on to how the villa is supposed to look on your wedding day.
We have curated a standard inspiration board showcasing the delicacy of a Christian wedding happening in Villa del Balbianello.


The theme in the first picture is winter snow, where we have tried to recreate a white wedding theme with white hydrangeas as an original decor part and use of soft pastel colours to add a little drama and effect to the white background. White is primarily used here because it stands for purity and innocence. In Christianity which were quite important in the medieval period but mainly because white gives a naturally bright effect to the wedding aura and makes it looks like spending a day in heaven since we already have the Villa to provide us with the heavenly feel and the bride gets to feel and dress like a Goddess. These inspiration boards are a mock idea of how perfect your wedding is going to look with a spectacular view of Lake Como.
Not to test or stress your imagination skills we do have some pictures of how the Villa has been decorated once for a Christian wedding. The jaws are about to drop in 3 2 1….

Can you imagine yourself walking down that aisle with white rose petals beneath your heels and you look at your man wearing a tuxedo with this breathtaking view and venue. There are chances you’ll fall more in love with the location than your spouse which definitely calls out to book this venue for your special day.

And having a reception alongside the river where you raise a toast to celebrate the eternity of the bond. All of this seems magical, but it can be a reality for you.

Give Global Luxury Consultancy a chance to be a part of your auspicious day, and we will make it worth cherishing.

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